Individual breakfast

Yes, we also greatly enjoy a breakfast buffet with a big choice of different treats such as fish and meat and cheese, different types of bread and sweets, with egg dishes and so on...

But have you ever thought about what happens to the food, that hasn't been eaten? - Unfortunately, most of it goes straight to the bin. Also, the packaging of portion foods, such as butter, marmalade or cheese.

We believe that the wish for a big choice can also be met with the need for sustainability. You may choose from many possibilities - you choose what you'd like to eat, we'll make it for you.


Thereby, we hope to serve you what you'd like & still be ecological.

Half board

If you have not booked a package deal with the according meals, we'd be happy to offer you our half board. This includes varied 4 course meals every evening. Dinner will be served between 6.30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Bernadette will cook delicious meals as per availability and according to her mood. 

But there is one more factor to influence the menu: our guests' wishes. Let us know what you'd like to eat. If we can, we'll consider your wishes in our planning!